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Twin Mom Joins the 26.2 Mile Club

My 26.2 Finisher Car Magnet aka Membership Card to the 26.2 Club!

I woke-up the day after the Philadelphia Marathon expecting to feel extreme pain and be unable to move my legs out of the bed. My eyes popped open at 5am and I took a moment to wiggle my toes. Yup, all good. I moved gingerly onto my side preparing my legs to get out of bed and anticipating the worse. In one swift movement I dropped my legs to the floor and stood up.

Humph! That’s it? Nothing unbearable.  Some soreness in the quads but nothing debilitating.  I felt like I had done a solid workout. It was a delicious pain. As the day progressed my legs became a little more wobbly and going down steps was a very ungraceful process. But still, nothing like the stories of agony I had heard. I considered my muscle aches were a sign that my body had worked hard and done a great job.

I went for my first run four days later on Thanksgiving.  It felt absolutely wonderful to work the kinks out and just flow down the street.  I wasn’t holding a flag and yet I felt like I had a giant flag waving above me that read “MARATHONER!”.

My running grounds suddenly looked different to me.  They were no longer the training grounds for something unknown. I now knew the answer to my burning question over months of training – how would it feel to run a marathon?

I passed familiar runners in the nearby park feeling as if I had returned from a very long trip after an extreme makeover.  It reminded me of how I had felt after giving birth to my twin girls and going outside for the first time pushing them in the stroller.  A little sore, a little tired, extremely proud, joyful, blessed and like I was unstoppable.

If I could birth and nurse twins, I could conquer anything. And I did. I trained for months and ran my first marathon. Loving every moment of the process.  At Thanksgiving dinner a family member asked me if it was hard to run the marathon.  It was certainly hard work but nothing compared to being a twin-mom.

I have only just begun! Next up, the Disney 2013 Marathon in five weeks.

Photo: Amen sister!


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