You Know You’re Ready To Run A Marathon When…

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Today was my last longest run before the NYC Marathon.  As my Garmin watch beeped mile 20 I realized that although I was uncomfortable, I was in familiar territory. I could handle the uncomfortable. I knew I could find my way. Over the past several weeks I have visited the elusive neighborhood of +16 miles quite frequently.  Each time I became more familiar and comfortable with my surroundings.  I was no longer venturing into no-man’s land wondering whether my body could run as far as 16, 18 or 20 miles.  I knew exactly where I was going.   Any sense of self-doubt or fears evaporated with my sweat.   With each visit I felt more confident I would get there more efficiently. As I came to the end of my 20 mile run today I visualized myself finishing the marathon by racing those last 6.2 miles with all my heart and soul!


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  1. I so hope I can take the dive into the full distance at some point…

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