Run for Life

This is a common question to runners. “Why do you run?”  Folks will presume I run because I want to live longer and that somehow through exercise my days will be extended.  Not the case for me.  There are plenty of examples of perfectly healthy athletes that died too young or have fought to survive against disease and illness despite running countless marathons. 

I don’t run because I want to live longer. I don’t run because I expect each mile will add days to my life. I have faith that date has already been decided in a divine plan with God. I run because it helps me feel I am enjoying life to the fullest by pushing strength through my body, energy through my spirit and absorbing the beauty of the earth I run across.

I run because each step, each breath, each mile adds a beautiful life to my days.


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3 responses to “WHY DO YOU RUN?

  1. Not Fast Just Fabulous - Recreational Running and Health Ramblings

    There is a discussion on My FB page about that right now!

  2. Chuck

    couldn’t have said it better. some people just don’t get it. others do.

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