I was Born To Run

I just finished reading Born To Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes and the Greatest Race the World has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall.  WOWY KABLOWY.  It just blew my mind! 

Let’s start with the wild notion of ultra-marathoning.  I had never heard of this type of running until a few months ago when I met a real, live UltraMarathoner at Paragon Sports store in Union Square, NYC.  I was buying a running jacket and wanted a salesperson that actually runs.  When I asked the guy “But do you run?” he smirked and said, “Yeah, I run.” So we started chatting and next thing you know he tells me he’s running the Knickerbocker race in Central Park that weekend which is a 60k!  I asked him how he trains and he says he JUST runs to and from work.  Well, where do you live? Assuming he would say in Harlem or Battery Park City.  Way out in Queens.  He runs around 15 miles in the morning and again at night!  HUH???!!!

The book Born To Run is just chock full of inspiring stories and all kinds of trivial and historic facts about running, coaches, races, sneakers, Mexican Indian tribe the Tarahumara and a whole bunch of super-hero type runners.  He talks about races that are 100 miles, through hills and rough trails!  And here I am focused on achieving my first marathon. 

There were so many lessons and tips to take away from this beautiful book but one point that stood out to me comes from the message of the title.  We were all born to run.  As children we run freely and joyfully, constantly. And somehow we lose that tick. But thousands of years ago running existed for our survival.  We stand upright and breath with 2 lungs BECAUSE we had to be able to run for extremely long distances in order to hunt for food.  No other animal has the ability to run for as long a distance as the human being. 

It is truly amazing to think just how far the mind and body can be taken if you allow your soul to soar.



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8 responses to “I was Born To Run

  1. “It is truly amazing to think just how far the mind and body can be taken if you allow your soul to soar.”
    Well said!

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  3. Running is a huge part of my life. I ran junior Olympic track from 3rd to 8th grade and track in high school. I still run for fun and my health. I was told I came out the womb running by my family. It is truely is part of our nature as humans.

  4. thegwamsta

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    These thoughts almost mirror mine on the topic. I started running properly again to help raise money and awareness for Choroideremia, but reading Born to Run awakened a long-dormant urge in me. Whether or not I’d ever, actually be able to compete ina race of such magnitude, the idea of it inspires me greatly, and I’m keen to encourage and support all those who attempt it.

  5. Hello Smileacrossthefinish. Just read your article about Born to Run. I haven’t read it myself but have heard lots about it. Saw a documentary here in the UK about our evolution which confirms the theory that we were designed to run amazing distances. Kind of cool to still have that link and ability to our distant ancesters. What a gift it would be to the world if more people got in touch with their natural abilities. Thanks for writing and sharing…

  6. I loved this book as well! It definitely inspired me to get out there and start running again!

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