Possessed by the ‘Spirit of the Marathon’

I haven’t begun any hardcore physical training yet for 2012 but I’ve decided my mental training is in full-effect.  The other night I watched the beautifully inspiring film “Spirit of the Marathon” (2005).  Simply Ah.May.Zing.  I actually got the notion that maybe after NYC I’ll run the Chicago marathon.  Why not?   

There were so many interesting folks interviewed in the film but I was especially impressed by Kathrine Switzer, a pioneer for female runners, who was the first woman to run the Boston marathon.  She wasn’t an elite runner, just a woman who loved running and proved to the world that anything boys can do, girls can do…and sometimes even better.  Listen to her bonus interview footage on this link where she talks about training with her male coach.  They decided to run their own 26.2 miles as part of training and when they got there – it was in a parking lot – she said to her partner who was already struggling, “Let’s do another 5 miles”.  And they did but she had to lock arms with her buddy to help him get to the end.  Now that’s serious determination.       



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  1. I heart “Spirit of the Marathon”! I re-watch it whenever I’m about to start training for a half or full. It’s so inspiring!I am incredibly jealous that you have an entry to NY this year… I just submitted my application for the lottery for the 2nd year. Good luck with your training! I’m excited to hear more about your experiences along the way 🙂

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